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Are you interested in selling your old VINTAGE Levi's jeans?

Would you like a reply to your email within minutes? I'm always looking for the older vintage denim jeans or buckleback that were listed below. And will offer immediate high cash offer for them.

Please feel free to email me.


If so, please feel free to email me. I will purchase & offer high cash for any Old Levi Jeans or denim jacket from circa 1850-1960, denim jacket or jeans with short belt-and-buckle in the back above the pockets. Any conditions are welcome!! Other brands I buy would be "Lee, Can't Bust Em, Bluebell, Stronghold, Copperhead, Boss of the Road" etc. Buddy Lee / H.D Lee advertising dolls, pre 1960 Advertising or display items for denim jeans, overalls and work clothes are welcome. Will BUY or TRADE. Email me with pics or details description. I pay cash right away, no hassle!

Immediate Cash Offer!!

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